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Hose care system HSP Eco

from Hafenrichter

The hose maintenance system at Hafenrichter was put into operation in December 2006.

The dirty hose is placed in the washing unit and coupled to the system. The number of the hose is entered on the display. While the hose is being rolled up onto the reel, it goes through the washing system, where it is cleaned with a rotating high-pressure water jet. The length of the hose is also measured. The length measurement is important for the later winding process in order to determine the center of the hose.

If the hose is on the reel, it is connected to the test unit and can be tested with a pressure of up to 18 bar. The test pressure can be read on the display. If the pressure drops due to leaks, the operator can mark the leak. After a successful test, the data (test pressure, day, length and tester) are saved in the database under the hose number.


The hose is then dried by the drying device and driven out of the system. Once the system has reached the middle of the hose, it is briefly stopped so that the hose can be placed on the winding device. The system is restarted with a foot switch. While one hose is in the drying unit, the next one is already being rolled up onto the reel via the washing system.

In Ezelsdorf, all of the hoses in the municipality of Burgthann are washed, stored and managed in a database. In addition, the water-bearing fittings are also repaired and stored. In addition, the hoses of the fire brigades from Postbauer, Heng, Kemnath and Pavelsbach in Ezelsdorf are checked and washed if necessary.


Technical data HSP Eco

(Details of the port judge)

· Version: hard anodized aluminum profile / stainless steel
Mains voltage: 380 volts / 3 phases
· Power consumption: approx. 3 kw / h in operation
· Water consumption: approx. 8-10 l per minute
The test water is collected for the pressure test
- no use of fresh water
· Test pressure: variable as required 0 - 18 bar

Dimensions (D x W x H): 3,760 x 2,000 x 1,860 mm
Capacity: approx. 12 - 15 B-hoses (depending on how dirty it is)
integrated hose drying
Winding device

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