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The origins of the Ezelsdorf fire brigade go back at least to the first sixties of the 18th century. The first "tangible" evidence is provided by the chronicle with a protocol of the joint meeting of community representatives Ezelsdorf, Oberferrieden and Unterferrieden on October 30, 1870 in Oberferrieden, in which the defection of the Ezelsdorfers from the fire extinguishing community of the three communities that had been run until then is recorded .

In this protocol it says: The municipalities of Oberferrieden, Unterferrieden and Ezelsdorf have jointly owned a fire extinguishing machine for many years and were therefore obliged to jointly bear the repair costs. The community of Ezelsdorf is now minded to purchase a fire extinguishing machine for itself and declares that from now on it no longer needs to participate in the repair and other costs of the previously communal fire extinguishing machine; but also at the same time declares that she no longer wants to have a share in the fire extinguishing machine mentioned and does not claim any reimbursement of the acquisition costs. The municipalities of Ober- and Unterferrieden agree to this declaration by the municipality of Ezelsdorf.

This is followed by the official seals of the three municipalities, the signatures of the mayors Wild (Oberferrieden), Meyer (Ezelsdorf) and Schrammel (Unterferrieden) as well as the signatures of six to seven residents for each village, with the citizens of Ezelsdorf: Wagner, Müller, Leonhard, Wild, Liebel and Mederer announced the "defection". So here, on October 30th, 1870, the real beginnings of the volunteer fire brigade are to be looked for at the latest, whereby it is also interesting that at that time it was always called "Etzelsdorf" in written German, while the community seal reads "Ezelsdorf".

At a community meeting held on November 18, 1870, it was decided to purchase a fire engine, a resolution that was approved four days later, on November 22, by the Royal Bavarian District Office in Nuremberg.

In the minutes of the meeting at which this resolution was passed, it is stated that “of the community members entitled to vote, 50 in number, 44 were present. Number of two third parties had come to draw up a community resolution ”.

Mayor Meyer pointed out that by replacing the local political community with the Eastern Railway, a certain sum was incurred to collect the local community treasury. According to the district office instructions and regulations, this sum was not allowed to be paid out to the parishioners, but only to be used for parish purposes. For example, "after a lengthy consultation, the wish, which had long since been expressed by several, to own a fire engine, was raised to a resolution".

"One part is to use as much of this proceeds as necessary to buy a fire engine for the local political community and the other part, which flows into the community coffers, is capitalized in some safe way, ie at an interest rate." 35 years after Germany's first railroad , the eagle, rolled from Nuremberg to Fürth, brought the new era, the "modern means of transport", money into the Ezelsdorf municipal treasury.

With this pressure syringe, as shown on the previous pages, with the former weir from 1909, the citizens of Ezelsdorf seem to have been satisfied and lived for decades. In any case, it was not until 1913 that something was known about the purchase of not just one but even two new fire engines.

The district fire brigade representative, Hauenstein, reports to the “Royal District Office Nuremberg”: “Subject: Ezelsdorf equipment test. I have the honor to report to a Royal District Office that the two new extinguishing machines were checked and handed over in Ezelsdorf by a representative of the unified device factories on Sunday, April 27th. The two devices meet all requirements, both the small two-wheeled device intended for Steinbach and the large four-wheeled device; Suction and pressure syringes are very solidly built, according to the latest design, and have a very large throwing distance. Obediently, Hauenstein, district representative. ”This letter was received by the Royal District Office in Nuremberg on May 13th.

Once again, nothing has come down to the descendants about the lifespan and fate of the little syringe for Steinbach. However, the four-wheeled suction and pressure syringe even survived the Second World War, but its “50th birthday” only by a few months: at the beginning of 1964 it ended, which was no longer able to cope with modern times and its demands, without a sound somewhere in a junk heap.

The first board member of the defense was probably Markus Meyer, the mayor who was jointly responsible for the separation of the fire extinguishing community of Ober-, Unterferrieden and Ezelsdorf in 1870, as it was customary until the regional reform in 1972 that the 1st mayor of the Municipality of Ezelsdorf was also the board of the FFW at the same time.

Johann Leonhard Rupprecht held the post of commandant from 1879-1881, from 1882 to 1886 it was Johann Leonhard Liebel, in 1888 Georg Meyer became commandant, in 1894 Martin Wild followed, without another year marking his term of office; In 1900, in the first year of the new century, Johann Georg Leonhard was at the head of the defense, and from 1902 to 1918 the commandant was Georg Hirsch, the Georg Hirsch who became mayor of the community when the war broke out in 1914.

In 1928 the name Georg Müller appeared in the commanders list, which was headed by Georg Eckersberger (house number 21) from 1933 to 1945.

From 1945 to 1949 Johann Vestner was in command, who was replaced by Georg Eckersberger (house number 38) from 1949 to 1960.

Georg Eckersberger was elected 1st mayor of the community in 1960 and was a member of the board of the military. Christoph Vitzthum took over command of the weir, whose centenary in 1970 was also his tenth anniversary as commander.

On February 24, 1972, the post of 1st Commandant was taken over by Konrad Meyer.

May 30, 1972 was a big day for the Ezelsdorfer Wehr. Mayor Hans Wedel handed over a new fire engine that had been ordered by the old town council of Ezelsdorf. In 1978 the new fire brigade equipment shed could be moved into.

On February 27, 1982 the board of directors changed as follows: 1st board member Konrad Meyer, 1st commandant and 2nd board member Heinz Matzkowitz. The previous 1st board member Georg Eckersberger, who held the post of 1st commandant from 1949 to 1960 and served the association as 1st board member from 1960 to 1982, was appointed honorary board member. The award of the silver medal from the German Fire Brigade Association was thanks and recognition of his services.

A special highlight was the festive season on the occasion of the flag consecration from 17-19. May 1985. With the active financial help of the hunting tenant Herrmann Schrödel, the long-cherished wish for a flag of his own came true.

Accompanied by the sponsoring association of the Oberferrieden volunteer fire brigade, many associations and fire brigades, it was consecrated by Pastor Bussinger and Pastor Schönauer in a festive service and since then has been the symbol and figurehead of the defense according to their motto "Courage and camaraderie since time immemorial, the fire brigade builds on this" .

Excellently organized processes with well-known artists such as Marianne and Michael, Thannhauser Musikanten, Trachtenverein Oberferrieden and many others framed the festive season.

On the occasion of his 60th birthday on November 12th, 1990, the 1st board member Konrad Meyer was given a special honor. The award of the badge of honor in silver from the German Fire Brigade Association by district fire chief Willi Lobenwein shows his services to the FFW Ezelsdorf.

Annual performance tests and a large number of missions testify to the high level of training of the armed forces and their good camaraderie.

At the general assembly on January 5, 1994 a new board was elected: 1st chairman Richard Rupprecht, secretary Hans Zehnter, treasurer Gerhard Vitzthum. Konrad Pölloth, Treasurer 1969 to 1994, August Geißelsöder, Secretary 1954-1994 and Konrad Meyer, 1st Commander 1972-1982, 1st Board Member 1982-1994 are rewarded with a gift basket for their services. Konrad Meyer is appointed honorary board member by unanimous resolution of the meeting.

July 15, 1994, when the fire brigade picked up their new fire fighting vehicle LF 8/6 in Giengen an der Brenz, will also be unforgettable. 1st Mayor Georg Hirsch, 1st Commander Heinz Matzkowitz and a large number of firefighters took part. Due to the ongoing brisk construction activity in Ezelsdorf and the construction of the industrial area on the B8, the acquisition of this vehicle by the municipality of Burgthann is another building block for the protection of its citizens and for the effectiveness of the fire brigades in Burgthann.

The highlight of 1995 was the 125th anniversary of the voluntary fire brigade. Over 100 clubs and fire brigades framed the festive season. A special highlight was the presence of the fire brigades from the partner communities of Châteauponsac and St. Rupprecht an der Raab as well as the Oberferrieden patronage.

In 2002 Helmut Rebling was elected 1st Commander and Helmut Grabinger 2nd Commander.

In 2006, Jochen Rupprecht and Werner Leonhard took over the military as commanders. Targeted training measures have further improved the fighting power of the defense. Also in the same year Heinz Matzkowitz was elected 1st and Robert Bachmeier 2nd chairman.

In the following years, the municipality of Burgthann renovated or refurbished all fire stations. In 2006 the Burgthann fire station was rebuilt and the Ezelsdorfer was rebuilt and expanded. Particularly noteworthy is the new construction of the village community center in Ezelsdorf for use by all local associations.

In the course of the renovation, a modern hose maintenance system was built in the Ezelsdorf fire station. Since this investment by the community, the central hose maintenance has been set up there for all weirs in the larger community and the weirs from Postbauer-Heng. Helmut Rebling and Sigurd Menzel have been responsible for this system since 2007.

In 2009 the vehicle hall was again supplemented with a second fire engine. This is used especially for transport trips and youth work. The financial support from Raiffeisenbank Oberferrieden-Burgthann deserves special mention here.

The Ezelsdorf fire brigade was challenged more and more in the following years by further lively construction activities in the industrial area "am Espen" and "am Breitenstock". Excellent youth work ensured a sufficient number of staff.

In 2018, the board was elected as follows: 1st board member Wolfgang Vitzthum, 2nd board member Lisa-Marie Brücher, treasurer Markus Leonhard, secretary Marco Brenner. Heinz Matzkowitz, who was 1st in command as well as 2nd board member from 1982-2002 and 1st board member from 2006-2018, was unanimously elected to the honorary board by the assembly. Gerhard Vitzthum (treasurer) and Robert Bachmeier (secretary), who were active on the board for many years, were also duly adopted. In the same year, Markus Leonhard and Gerhard Vitzthum, in charge of building a wood-burning oven in front of the entrance to the fire station.

In January 2020, Stefan Heinloth was extraordinarily elected 2nd board member.

In May 2020, the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the Ezelsdorf volunteer fire brigade were planned, together with more than 100 participating brigades and clubs. This appointment could not take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, also known as the corona virus. The disaster was declared on March 16, 2020 and maintained until June 16, 2020. As a result, all public events were prohibited. Public life came to a standstill and the population was asked to leave the house only for the most urgent tasks. Even the active duty of the fire brigade was subject to conditions. With the cancellation of the Oktoberfest on April 21, 2020, it became clear that the founding anniversary cannot take place in 2020 and has been moved to April 2021 by those responsible.

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